Terie’s Herbal Corner

Why I love Herbs

I can not say enough about how medicinal herbs have influenced my life.  When my health started downhill, herbs where my last consideration. I went to doctors, therapist and they all started prescribing this and that to help me with my symptoms. I would then have other medications to deal with the side effects of the medications they gave me.  It was a vicious cycle that did not help me but caused more issues than I originally had. 

I wasn’t until I was down to 97 pounds, exhausted, malnutrition and so sick that my doctor threatened to hospitalize me that a light bulb came on.  I actually turned on my doctor and told him, what you are giving me to help my symptoms are what got me here. So, take me off all these crazy meds and help me find the cause of my original health problems! The look on his face was of utter and complete shock.  He said to me, it is not the medications only that are causing you health issues. It is your lifestyle, stress level and life choices that have gotten you here too. Now I could have gotten mad, turn and left his office, but at that moment I stood and took what he had to say and said I take responsibility for my actions now you take responsibility for yours and work with me to get me off the meds and on to a balanced healthy way of life.

It has taken me several years to recover my health the natural way. I had much to change.  I worked multiple jobs, took care of two households, cared for my elderly parents with health issues and raising a family.  I was called the energizer bunny many times, but this energizer battery was running our of juice and I knew it.  I had to find a way to balance my life and bring joy back into my world. This is how I got started into the herbal realm.  I started reading building my knowledge. My suggestion if you are new to herbalism make sure you are getting the correct information. There is a lot of off the wall remedies out there and fly by night crazies that will steer you wrong.  I started by reading up on natural ways to address stress, weight loss and nutrition since that was my issue.  Google has a ton of information, but you need to vet the information you receive on Google searches. I found that out the hard way.  At the bottom of this post, I will have recommended reading for you that I have personally vetted and real information on herbalism. This is what I have in my personal library and use almost every day when it comes to making my own herbal medications.

Disclaimer: Some links in my blogs are affiliate links to help me with the expenses on running my blog and web site. Not all links are affiliate links, but I like to be transparent and let you know that I do get some financial benefits off the affiliate links, I am very picky about what I recommend and there are many items I suggest that I do not get any benefit from other than sharing a good source of information that has helped me and I personally have used and benefited from.

I am still learning the herbal field and will share things as they come up. This world is expansive and can be over whelming, so my suggestion is taking small bites and enjoy the learning curve.  If medicinal herbs are the niche, you want to grow your knowledge and expand your health and profits you may want to start learning by reading the following books. They can be found online:

My personal favorites that I use almost every day:

A Homeopathic Handbook of Natural Remedies by Laura Josephson, C.C.H. R.S. HOM (NA).  This can be purchased from amazon, kindle.

The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants by Department of the Army This can be purchased from Amazon also.

I choose not to be an affiliate for amazon because they require someone to market so much that I feel uncomfortable working with them.  I prefer just to refer and not get paid at this time so people can get information and I do not have to be pushy about them purchasing things. These two books I use every day and they are great guides.

There are tons of books out there if you are passionate about learning Medicinal Herbs and how to use them.  It is up to you how you want to learn.  I have had herbologist teach me, along with lots of reading, and hiring a homeopathic Doctor helps also. If reading is not your thing there are all kinds of You Tube Videos and online classes out there. But again, head my warning, make sure you vet these programs before you take them. Almost any quack can go online and say they know what they are talking about.

Until Next Time