Amazing ways to us Rosemary

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Rosemary has wonderful versatile ways to use in herbal remedies, cooking and hygiene!

There are so many ways to use rosemary I could go on for days about this herb. One thing I love is it is easy to grow indoors or outdoors. So this herb is very easy to have on hand all the time. Plus it is easy to find in stores!

Herbal Remdies

Every knows Rosemary can be used in cooking, but do you know that Rosemary has many health benefits? Some of the health benefits reported my medical studies include the following:

  • Improved digestion
  • Enhanced memory and concentration
  • Neurological protection
  • Prevention of brain aging
  • Protection against cancer
  • Protection against macular degeneration
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Rosemary is restorative:

It is amazing what Rosemary can do for your body! Rich in Anti-Inflammatory, it helped me recover from long-term stress. Rosemary is known for it’s restorative and anti-stress properties. A good relaxing Rosemary tea is a great way to restore your soul. Rosemary can be added to the bathtub and it is known to ease sore muscles and relax the stressful day away.

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Other Known Benefits of Rosemary

Rosemary increases circulation enough that it can ease headaches, encourages hair growth and warms the blood. This is good when you are sick or during the winter if you are prone to cold hands and feet.

Adding fresh rosemary to your diet can help many people who suffer from stiff joints and arthritis inflammation. Rosemary is a natural anti-inflammatory and is easy to incorporate in rice, stir fry along with other foods. Warm rosemary tea may be especially effective for joint pain relief. 

Research suggests rosemary has many neurological benefits and one proven is memory and concentration boosting. I read that the smell of rosemary improves your neuron disconnectedness. Its being studied in Alzheimer’s prevention as well as other neurological disorders.

I have personally used Rosemary for my hair and a Rosemary rinse. It was great for my German Sheppard who was very ill when we rescued him from a really bad home. He was malnourished, losing his hair due to stress and abuse, plus his feet were infected. No medication would help him. The Vet said he would never get his hair back and would have to be on meds all his life. Well, look here what he ended up looking like when we were done! Beautiful boy if a say so myself!

Our Maximus May He Rest In Peace

How to grow Rosemary

All of you know, I like to grow plants. This plant is one of the easier plants to grow. Rosemary can be grown indoors or outdoors. Outdoors is best since the plant can get very large. We had one in the yard just for our German Sheppard. He loved to sleep right next to it!

Rosemary is best to either buy the plant or take a cutting from a larger plant and root out.

Rosemary can be a very easy plant to grow, but it does need some special attention if it is going to thrive. In the first place, it prefers its soil to be loamy, and it also requires it to drain well, especially if the plant is potted. The ideal pH is somewhere around six and seven.

Rosemary also likes light, the more the better. Although it can take a bit of shade, it will do best if it receives full sun. This can make it tricky to grow indoors, but with the right conditions and, occasionally, a little artificial help, it is not impossible.

As for water, rosemary does not need much. As has already been mentioned, drainage is important, and in the same vein, it is crucial that you avoid watering until the soil is dry. This is especially important to pay attention to if you are growing your rosemary in a pot, as it is easy for the roots to fall prey to rot. You can also mist the leaves with water from time to time, approximately once a week, but primarily keep your focus on the soil.

Rosemary Summary

Rosemary has a long history and has so many benefits that have been documented, studied, and show evidence of. My next post will be on different ways to use Rosemary and some recipes I have found over the years. CLICK HERE to go to my recipes page.

Until next time, keep gardening and enjoying to benefits of your plants!


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