Along with my blog, I work in the real world. I am considered an essential worker in a major manufacturing company. There are so many things that are being affected in the job market today that many have never experienced. So here I am, covering multiple areas in my job site due to low attendance. The people that continue to work through the rough road are getting stressed and over taxed due to the lack of attendance. Fear overwhelms many people, fear of the unknown, fear of bringing this virus home, fear of loosing their jobs, many factors overwhelm people.

I have begun my journey to take back my life. I need control. I want my own road to follow. I bet many of you out there feel the same way. With all the shut downs and crazy rules out there how many of you wish you could just build your own business that can not be controlled by the government telling you when you can open your doors or not? How many of you are fed up with social distancing and masks? How many of you are wondering when you are going to get that pink slip at work and no longer have a job due to this virus? Well I am right there with you! So I am going on line. No matter what I build on line, no one can tell me when my doors can be open. No one can tell me I am essential and have to come to work, or I am not essential and I no longer have a job!

Take control back fearlessly

I am going to bring you along with me on the road to discovery. I will be sharing with you product reviews on programs out there that will help you if you want to take control of your life. I am choosing to stop living in fear and take over my life and my income. If you would like to join me on this path and find out what is helping me take control, sign up for my news letter! When I find things that are important to share, you will get it in my news letter. I will cover mostly free and easy ways to find your path on line. I will cover things from picking your niche and running with it to building your sites and running with your master creation! Eventually, just like any other business, you will have to pick the paid areas of your business. I will share product reviews so you can have an educated choice. So many programs want you to pick the paid items they use so they can get an affiliate premium from your purchases. I will never push you into anything. I will be up front with you if I am an affiliate to that program or not, but I will provide you with information even if I am not an affiliate too. Not every program or service is right for you. It is best to find your road and I am just going to be a tour guide for you. If you are thinking of taking back your life, sign up for my news letter and let the journey begin!

Take life back here: Stay tuned in, next I will be covering a few of the basics on getting on line and building your on brand. If you want to bring value to your business and share with others just as I do, make sure you follow me for the real, honest, no holding back way to do it!

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