Your Backyard is there. You are either paying a house payment or rent on the property, right?

Why not let it help you bring in some money?

Instead of paying someone to take care of it, why not have your backyard take care of helping you pay for it?

When my husband and I purchased our home, we decided that we were going to make our yard help take care of us! If it could not be eaten, used as a medicinal or profit-making crop, we were not going to put our energy or resources into it.  We pulled out many well-established plants to make room for the ones that mattered to us. 

We have slowly but surely made changes to our property to bring it to our personal liking and lifestyle. It has been labor intensive and in some aspects still is since our projects are still in the process.  I honestly believe since I love working in the yard so much, I will never really be done since I always dream up new things that can be done.  My husband gets really scared when I say the words “ You know, I’ve been thinking”. 

Hon, I have an idea look!

Over the past 11 years, I have just played at gardening. I love to play and I have had a regular job also that supports my bills and is very stable.  I do not love having a JOB, never have, but have always had at least one all my life.  Always wishing I had more time in my garden, I would go to work and look out the window and wish. Never really thinking it would be possible to play all day and get paid for it. Until Covid hit and for the first time in my life, I was actually concerned about my job.  I watched people loosing their jobs, getting their hours cut, or not being able to go to work because the states did not consider them essential.  Store shelves where bare, and everyday comodidites were almost non existand for a great deal of time. 

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My husband and I were okay. We didn’t loose our jobs or run out of toilet paper or food thank goodness. We were considered essential workers and actually had to work longer hours to keep up. That made me want to be in my garden even more.  But it made us think and look at our finances, or food, our garden and has made us take a long hard look at what we want.  We do not want to feel insecure about making money to pay our bills.  We do not want to work at our jobs until we are so old we can not enjoy life.  We do not want to retire poor either.  So that is a good list of what we do not want so what do we want? That was the hard part really.  It is easy peasy to know what you do not want right?

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on

We sat down together and chatted on the subject. At first is was a very short conversation because out mindset was not quite there.  We were tired from working 60 to 80 hour weeks and could not come to a consensus to what we did want.  I told my husband I would love to live in the garden grow food and sell plants.  But I am not sure if I would still enjoy it as much if I had to do it for a living.  I spend all day in a job where people yell at me and I am the bad guy. I am not much of a people person outside of my job. So I was not sure if I would want to spend my off time dealing with customers since I am normally burned out on people by Friday at 4 pm.  But my husband is an awesome people person and can strike up a conversation with almost anyone. 

I started researching our state rules and regulations along with checking out the local produce stands and farms.  Found a financial and legal adviser and started the process. Our process started years ago, I have been on line and making money from home for several years now, but I never really pushed to make more money from home or from my garden.  I gave many of my neighbors garden starts and since I love to start plants, it only made since that I look into starting my success path.  

  1. Grow a seasonal garden and sell veggies!
  2. Grow seedlings and sell veggie plants
  3. Grow herbs and sell fresh or dried herbs
  4. Make and sell tea blends
  5. Grow Mushrooms
  6. Sell cut flowers
  7. Make and sell culinary salts and Oils
  8. Create a You Pick Garden
  9. Sell tarts and Jellies
  10. Create and build garden boxes, pots
  11. Sell bulbs, seeds, or tubbers
  12. Have gardening classes
  13. Open your own nursery
  14. Become a plant broker
  15. Make soaps creams or jewelry with your garden products
  16. Sell photos of your garden, or offer photo sessions in your garden
  17. Grow pumpkins or gourds for crafts and decorating
  18. Grow micro greens and sell
  19. Grow garlic and sell
  20. Specialize in flowers and yard plants
  21. Become a plant wholesaler
  22. create your own type of subscription service
  23. Create yard art
  24. Create garden markers
  25. Host Backyard functions like parties, wedding, etc.
  26. Become an affiliate marketer for things you love to use

Too long of list to cover in one post!

There is so much you can do from your own back yard, I could go on and on for days! So I was talking with my husband and we figured the best way to cover such ground it in small bites. So we have started a facebook group in order to cover things on a bi-monthly basis covering subjects on how to set up and some the these items listed above. We will be documenting them on this web site too, but we figured it would much more fun to have two way conversations with our followers and share fun ideas and find out what you are more interested in learning! So go to Terie’s Back Yard Garden Club and sign up!

Until next time


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