Garden Life For Me!

My Obsession With The Garden


I  have fond memories of setting in our country yard with my grandma snapping green beans and listening my the stories of my relatives as we sat in the California summer shade. The sweet smell of fresh green beans in the air, the banter and laughter as the adults visited. I never really worked in the garden as a child. I would help water, and sure would be there when it was time for harvest! I would sneak into the garden during the day and harvest my breakfast and lunch as we went out to the field to tend to the animals. There is nothing like walking out your back door to fresh food!

What’s even better is enjoying your harvest all year round! Who would have thought this is what gave me such an obsession with my garden. There is nothing better than going to your pantry to see your summer’s harvest in neat little rows! Oh and the taste, it is so amazingly different than store bought! You can make it as sweet, sour, or  as healthy as you want!


Life in my garden is so stress free. It has become my sanctuary from all the stresses of life. Plus my garden will provide all the mental health balancing I need. If I am stressed out and need to relax, I can just walk the rows of trees and plants and breath. If I am angry or upset, I can weed and hoe to my hearts content. If I feel insecure and inadequate I just look at the harvest and know I am good as something. If I need to talk, the plants don’t judge or say anything back. The sun provides the wonderful vitamin D and serotonin to balance my body chemicals too!


My obsession with gardening all began with great family memories, the desire to eat great food and has provided me with money saving mental health balance. Win! Win! Studies have shown that those who garden have many advantages. If you want great food that is pesticide free and fresh why not start your garden today. There are many easy ways to start gardening no matter what time of year it is.

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